About MacChocolate

MacChocolate was launched in 2006. Since then we are happy to share this delicious treat with you and we strive to make it yet more tempting for all true chocolate lovers all over the world. The range of MacChocolate flavours includes some especially delectable ones, like Creamy, Hazelnut and Almond.

MacChocolate Original is traditional hot chocolate, rich in chocolate taste and smell. MacChocolate is the best chocolate drink you can have ready within just a couple of minutes!

If you fancy more delicate flavours, we suggest you try MacChocolate Cream. You will be delighted with its smooth and creamy taste! For yet bigger effect you can add to it some hot milk.

Or do you like chocolate with nuts? Then go for MacChocolate Hazelnut or Almond. These flavours will surprise you with their unforgettable intense hot chocolate taste combined with scrumptious almond or hazelnut.

Try each flavour and learn which one you like most. Treat yourself to something new today!